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Points of Religious interest


Monastery of Loukou. This monastery is located about 4 kilometers from the town of Astros by the road leading to Tripoli. It was built around 1117 on top of ruins of the ancient city of Eva, the ancient sanctuary of the famous physician of antiquity, Polemokratis .In the monastery's library there is a wide collection of handwritten documents of those times.

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Monastery of Sent George Endyssenas can be found on the road while coming from Tyros to Agios Adreas. To reach it, a high suspension car is required as it is a bit off road. The road to it is uphill with a lot of tight turns and branching and as such will require someone with adequate guide skills to reach it.

It is worth the effort though as it offers a unique view towards the Argolis gulf, the city of Nafplion and the island of Spetses, as well as the field of Thyrea and the mountain of Parnon. The distance from the hotel to the monastery is about 7 kilometers.

Monastery of Sent Demetrios Reontinou is the oldest monastery of the Tsakonia area on the mountain of Parnon, it is located off the road from Agios Andreas to Prastos about 8 kilometers away from Agios Andreas. It goes by many names and it was founded in 1617. To this day it is still operational as a women-only monastery.

Monastery of Evangelistria in Sent Adreas , it can be found near the village of Agios Andreas and it is related with the monastery of Orthokostas.
It includes the church of Evangelisms and a high Venetian tower. Both of those buildings where redone during 1714 and 1715.



Monastery of Kontolina in Kastanitsa . The story of this monastery is only written after 1628 to 1834 when it was torn down by decree of king Othon. It is located near the village of Kastanitsa in the crossing of Maza's Canyon.


Monastery of Paleopanagia. It's located about 4 kilometers out of Astros on the road to Agios Petros. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary and it is dated back to 1612 (or 1310, not verified). It is currently used as a women's only monastery.


Monastery of Malevi. Is located around 30 kilometers of the town of Astros and in around 1 kilometer elevation (950 m) from sea level. It is a women-only monastery built around 1616 during the Turkic reign over Greece. It was heavily damaged around 1826 when is was burned to the ground by Ibrahim. This is the most renowned monastery of the area which attracts thousands of believers.


Monastery of Timios Prodromos. This is an old monastery exclusive for men monks, dedicated to Sent John It is located in the Canyon of the Tanos river near the village of Perdykovrysi of Kastri and it is built on solid rock on the Canyon wall. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking and virgin. It is believed to exist from 1126 and was redone during the 18th century. This monastery is believed to be the oldest one in Peloponnesus.



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