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Points of Archaeological Interest

Kynouria was named after the son of Perseas Kynouros. According to Plutarhos, Danaos lived in the seaside of Thyrea (Puramia) or Astros as it called today, before he reached Argolida during the ancient times. The archaeological site Evas is where the palace of Erode Atticus was located and it is 8 kilometers west of Astros next to the Monastery of Lukou.

At Messogeio Astros you can find a museum with all the finding from Eva on display.

The Castle of Oria It is located near the village of Agios Ioannis and it was built during the Frankish occupation. All that is left of It is some of the defensive wall and the gate of one of the towers.

Hellinikon is located 8 kilometers north west of Astros. It consists of a small number of houses and within it lie ancient remains of the city of Thirea.

Ancient Anthini is a fortified settlement in the beach of Agios Adreas. Some portions of the external perimeter and a few towers are the only buildings still remaining
dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries b.c.


Later the city was moved towards the seaside where there can be found Romans and Byzantine buildings that were built later. Near the castle a semi destroyed arching bridge can be found.

The Castle of Paralio Astros is located near to the northern corner of the hill that was the 'island' and was built during the Frankish occupation.arxaiol3

More precisely it was build in 1256 by prince Gulielm Vilearduin (castello della estella) and it was used to house the Venetian commander.
In the later years during the Turkish occupation it served as a Greek fortress.



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