Welcome to Afrodite-Hotel. Enjoy a unique summer vacation overlooking the sea.


The beaches that you can visit with reference to our hotel, spread over an area of ​​several kilometers from the Anavalo until the Tigani.

At the entrance of the village of Paralio Astros unfold the mesmerizing beaches Tsereniou, Glyfada (in front of the Afrodite Hotel) and Atsinganou. Inside and after the town you can enjoy the beaches of Kallisto, Portes, Heronisi, and Kato Agios Adreas.

Additionally on the 45 kilometer road to the town of Leonidio, you can explore the astounding beaches of  Tsefros, Krioneri, Lygeria, Tigani, Sampatiki, Kisakas,Zaritsi and many more waiting to be discovered.


Beach Photos

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