Welcome to Afrodite-Hotel. Enjoy a unique summer vacation overlooking the sea.

Hotel AFRODITE is located in Paralio Astros of Arkadia. The families of Grigoris
and Vagelis Koutsoyiannis created a small family and tourist business,
located in Glyfada beach next to the estuary of the ancient river Tanos.
The hotel is surrounded by a garden which includes palm trees, pearstrees,
almond trees and in front of it lies the beautiful Glyfada beach and the Argolis
gulf, and that is why it embodies the very soul of family vacation.

Our rooms, all with sea view and can accommodate you and your family,
a warm and elegant ambience.

Paralio Astros, Arcadia
Postal Code 22019
Tel: 27550 51596
Mob: 6936 473761
The Astros, benchmark area attracts many
visitors from around the world.
Graphic, friendly and organized cover the needs of the most demanding visitor.


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